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is a Hawke's Bay owned and operated company that has developed software to assist in the carrying out of planned maintenance. The software downloads test sheets to a PDA on any piece of plant or equipment as well as any service that needs controlled and meaningful procedures and reports. The system offers the means of controlling procedures that are required to meet compliance with features covered under the Building Act 2004 (replacement for the repealed Building Act 1991). pm-online(R) can also be used for non-compliant maintenance that needs to be carried out on plant, equipment or services on basically anything that needs controlled checks done at predetermined intervals.

pm-online(R) can also be used as an Asset Manager or for any other requirement regarding particular piece of equipment which requires records to be kept (for example repairs and maintenance costs). This information accumulates on the web file and is always there to help make replacement decisions.

The system revolves around test sheets being loaded into a data base in whatever sequence, order or group that they have been designed for. The test sheets are used for the tests that are being carried out on building features whether they are for the Building Act or whatever is required. The sheets are down-loaded to a PDA that is carried by the Service Technician and via bar coding on the plant or equipment the correct test is located and carried out. Upon completion the test results are sent to the client's confidential file on the pm-online(R) web site via the Technicians PDA. The information becomes available to the client immediately and the client can be reviewing a report on say, an air conditioning unit, while the Technician is testing the unit next to it, or in the other room.


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