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pm-online(R) Limited plans to implement licenses around New Zealand for the use of its product to the point where eventually every Province in New Zealand will have a user. The bigger Provinces may be represented by more than one license. This Nation wide exposure will of course open up opportunities for pm-online(R) licensees, as a team, who want to view the "bigger" market. pm-online provides the catalyst for the enterprising licensee. The first license holder is Hawke's Bay Planned Maintenance Limited, based in Hawke's Bay who will begin using pm-online(R) in January 2010. Their area is Hawkes Bay, Gisborne, and Taupo. The licence period is for one year. Therefore a yearly renewal is required to enable continued use of the web site and the system.

For this fee the licensee will be provided with a huge opportunity to become successful in the planned maintenance and service field. You receive the following from pm-online(R) Limited.

  • Access to the web site with confidential (Bank standard) individual files for your company and your clients.
  • Increased sales by using pm-online(R); a data base, bar coding, handheld computer and web site, makes planned maintenance cheaper for clients and increasing your sales.
  • pm-online(R) as an asset manager for clients.
  • Site & building information features that allow itemisation of plant and equipment.
  • Bar coded identification system for individual plant and equipment.
  • A pricing package.
  • Automatic & detailed email system for sending and receiving of quotes from selected and approved sub-contractors.
  • Examples of test sheets for the majority of features that is required under the Building Act 2004 as well as many others for non-compliant plant or systems. We encourage the user to "mix and match," to make the system work for them. It is so easy to create an original test sheet in any way the user requires.
  • The system is confidential to the Licensee and protected from anyone seeing the total package. The licensee's sub-contractor has only coded access to his features in the system and only through their PDA and the client has reports only on the total system outcome, through their confidential file.
  • pm-online(R) Limited will be available to support the licensee along with Bay Software Solutions Limited who can also customise software (Company name etc.).

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The pm-online(R) product has protection by "patent" and "intellectual property" legalisation.