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HBPM are proud of our reputation and the raport we have with our clients. We are confident the same profesionalism we offer to our current clients will be beneficial to your business.
We believe we offer an un-rivaled service within the Planned Maintenance sector, but don't just take our word for this! Below are a handful of references from companies using our services. We invite you to read what our clients think about us....

Future Products Group

...I have no hesitation on recommending both the pm-online Software System and Hawke's Bay Planned Maintenance, to any company looking to enhance their maintenance more


Jared Vaughan

General Manager

FPG Website

Hawke's Bay Planned Maintenance

...We commenced our business in September 2009 and our intention was to create a “point of difference” with other Building Services Companies. To this end we purchased the territory License for the use of the PM-Online software – thus creating our “point of difference” more


Don Arnold

Operations Manager

Hawke's Bay Planned Maintenance Website

Napier Masonic Trust

...We have been complimented by our auditing agency for the professional and thorough maintenance system that we have implemented. We have no hesitation on recommending both the company and the software package to prospective organisations or more


Graeme K. Taylor

General Manager

Napier Masionic Trust Website

Quality Bakers Hawke's Bay

...We are extremely pleased to recommend Hawkes Bay Planned Maintenance Ltd to prospective companies and advise that all features displayed in the "pm-online" system demonstration have come to more


Dwayne Munro

Manufacturing Manager

Quality Bakers Website